Parking Policy



EFFECTIVE: November 2005
REVISED: July 24, 2014


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedural guidelines for the enforcement of parking and towing procedures on all CCRI property.


The policy of the CCRI College Police Department is to enforce the College parking regulations, as specified under "Parking Policy" listed on the CCRI Web page, Campus Police Officers will strive to use reasonableness and impartiality when enforcing parking regulations in all parking areas of College-owned property. Enforcement action may consist of:

  1. Verbal warnings.
  2. Issuance of parking tickets.
  3. Towing of vehicles.
  4. Suspension or revocation of parking privileges.


Abandoned Vehicle:

A vehicle that has remained on College property for 48 hours without proper authorization.

Parking Violation:

An infraction of a College parking regulation.


  1. Faculty/staff parking permits allow for parking in the designated faculty/staff parking lot. All faculty and staff will be issued an access card for the faculty/staff parking lot control gates at the Knight Campus.
  2. Administrative parking - Administrators, for the purpose of the parking policy, include positions such as Dean, Associate and Assistant Dean, Director, Assistant Director and other supervisory positions. Administrators will be required to display appropriate vehicle identification as required by the College Police Department.
  3. Official visitors who plan to be on the campus must obtain a temporary parking permit from the College Police, allowing visitors to park in designated area.

Parking on any campus of CCRI shall be in accordance with the CCRI College Police Department traffic and parking policies.

The college Police are responsible for the administration and enforcement of these regulations and may impose traffic control restrictions as required.


College Police Officers enforce all parking and traffic laws as well as all other laws as permitted in the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.

  1. College Police Officers on all shifts shall enforce the parking regulations, paying particular attention to congested areas.
  2. Parking tickets shall be written legibly, using block style printing and shall include the following information:
    • Vehicle registration, state and number
    • Date of issue
    • Location of violation
    • Make and color of vehicle
    • Officer's badge number
    • Violation number
    • Decal number
  3. All tickets will be turned in at the end of each tour of duty.
  1. Unauthorized vehicles parked on campus; vehicles parked in fire lanes; vehicles illegally parked in handicapped, reserved, loading, short-term parking or visitors' spaces; and vehicles that are immobilized, obstruct traffic, or impede the normal function of the College are subject to towing at the owner's or operator's expense.
  2. The College reserves the right to tow vehicles from College property for violations of parking regulations and whenever public safety may be compromised.
  3. Before a vehicle is towed, the shift supervisor will be informed of the situation and will make the final determination. Once the decision to tow has been made and the tow truck has been summoned, the decision to tow cannot be reversed.
  4. If the owner/operator does appear and does protest the tow, the he/she has the option to settle with the tow truck operator and not be towed. However, the tow ticket will stand as is, and a regular tow report, indicating "settled with the driver" must also be submitted. If, after settling with the tow truck operator, the owner/operator of the vehicle in violation does not correct the violation and park legally, then the tow truck will be summoned by a member of the College Police Department to return and complete the tow.
  5. College Police will remain on scene and supervise the tow truck operator, ensuring the vehicle is not damaged.
  6. College Police will complete a department Incident Report which should include: date, time, location, reason for tow, towing company, and whether or not notification or attempted notification was made to the owner regarding the tow. When applicable, a copy of the offender's prior violations will be attached to the Incident Report.
    • Supervisors shall ensure that a reasonable attempt to contact the owner of a towed vehicle has been made to inform the owner of the tow and the location of the vehicle.
    • If the owner / operator of a towed vehicle inquires as to the whereabouts of their vehicle, members of the College Police Department will make every attempt to find out where the vehicle was towed, and the reason for the tow, and to advise the person making the inquiry of such.

In the event of a College-announced parking ban, every effort will be made to notify the College community to relocate vehicles to a predetermined location in order for plowing/snow removal to be effective. Vehicles not adhering to this procedure after notification may be towed at the expense of the owner/operator.


This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the College.


Tickets for parking violations may be appealed by checking "Not Guilty" on the ticket and mailing the document to the indicated address. The Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal will subsequently issue a summons to appear before the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal where the individual can plead their innocence.


The Administration Department is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy.

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