Student Testimonials

From CCRI students

Kendall Francis

C2C Testimonial- Kendall Francis from Connect to College on Vimeo.

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Moraima Gutierrez

"My coordinator has provided all the information available to connect me with the right people at CCRI. I have received multiple benefits, such as personalized assistance with financial aid and class registration. There are so many resources on campus. C2C is helping me achieve my goals."

Stephen Ortiz

In regards to a C2C College Visit he attended, Stephen said, “Bryant University was the first college I have ever visited and after leaving I felt as if it was one of my best experiences I ever had. When assistant director of transfer admission Helen Senecal was presenting what the school had to offer I was shocked when she told me that ninety eight percent of people find a job within six months after they graduate. Also the countless ways the school provides to help and support the students, it almost felt like it was impossible to fail…”

Chanelle Gonzalez

"I am a former graduate of Central High School. I have been a College Crusader since third grade. I decided to continue on to college and join a similar program called Connect to College. This has been a very helpful program. Whatever I need academically, this program does their best to provide it. They helped me fill out my taxes, register for classes, and let me know about scholarship opportunities. My coordinator, Michele, has helped me from the start. She always asks how I am doing and what I need. Hopefully you will benefit from this program like I have!"

Last Updated: 2/15/17