Special Programs

Remediation Courses

These computer based courses are designed to help students within ten points of a higher level class test out of non credit bearing, developmental classes. Not sure if you qualify? Don't worry, our C2C staff will help you identify if this course will be beneficial to you. Some key points regarding Foundation Courses are:

  • Courses in Reading, Writing, and Math run from June 3rd to August 16th for ten weeks at a time.
  • Students will spend a minimum of six hours a week on campus completing a computer based review program with tutors on hand to answer questions, and then an additional nine hours per week working on the web program from home (or on campus if desired).
  • Participation in these courses is free of charge, and C2C will cover the cost of the $25 Accuplacer retest at the end of the course. While the Foundation Courses are non credit classes, they can eliminate a full semester of courses, which helps you complete college quicker and with less expense.

Rapid Review

Do you think your Accuplacer score does not reflect your Reading or Math ability? Rapid Review is an eight hour review of basic skills for a single subject in which students will brush up on skills that they have previously learned. After the completion of an eight hour workshop, as well as eight hours of independent study, students are eligible to take an Accuplacer retest, paid for by C2C.


LRCT 1020

LRCT 1020 is a 3 credit College Success Course highly recommended for new students. This course will focus on practical tips and strategies that will help students succeed. Emphasis will be on attitude, study habits, and time and stress management. Connect to College will have available a listing of sections of LRCT 1020 for our students to register for. Interested students should inform their concierge coordinator as soon as possible due to limited seating.


Last Updated: 2/15/17