Program Overview

You've taken the first step on a new and exciting path to earn your college degree. When you're juggling multiple responsibilities outside of the classroom, it can be reassuring to know that there is a support system that is specifically designed to enable you to achieve your goals. Connect to College (C2C) will connect you to the answers to all of your questions. 

How can you get the help you need to be successful in college? JOIN C2C!

What is our mission?

The Connect to College (C2C) program at CCRI aims to increase college readiness for incoming students and create a community of scholars working together towards degree completion. Connect to College will provide academic advising, review help, financial coaching, and career assessments that link directly to college majors and programming, to aid students in their goal of college graduation. Coordinators will assist students navigate and utilize the many campus resources offered.  Ideally, Connect to College scholars will be entering CCRI with full-time student status, but students taking less than a full course load are eligible as well. 

What services do we provide? 

Each C2C scholar is assigned a Concierge Coordinator on one of our CCRI campuses.

Coordinators advise their students throughout their academic career at CCRI and connect them with essential campus services such as Financial Aid, Career Services and Internships, JAA, and many others. Additional program benefits include:

  • Various resources that contribute to the success of our students such as workshops, social events, notebooks, pens, flash drives, etc. 
  • Textbooks for LRCT 1020 (a 3 credit college success class) free to our students
  • Loaner laptops and calculators are available for educational use on a need and availability basis.  
  • The opportunity to network with students and professionals that are part of the CCRI Community
  • The opportunity to brush up on academic skills and retake the Accuplacer for free, with the goal of test out of developmental, non-credit bearing classes
  • Community Engagement activities that provide the opportunity for students to give back to their local communities. 

Who is eligible? 

In order to become a C2C student, participants must plan to attend CCRI and meet the following criteria:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED credential.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
  • Be committed to completing a degree or certificate program.
  • Be one of the following: a low-income student, first-generation college student and/or an adult learner.
  • Be committed to and have the ability to pay for enrollment as either a part-time or full-time student through degree completion. (You may be eligible to receive scholarship assistance or financial aid)
  • Students should be committed to meeting with their concierge coordinators at least twice a month as well as other responsibilities outlined in their first meeting with their coordinator.

CCRI's Connect to College (C2C) program is a "College Access Challenge Grant" program funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the RI Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner. 


Contact Information

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Hope Schachter
Program Director


Liston Campus
2nd Floor, Office 2222
Tel: 401-455-6156


Michele Bourgeois
Liston Campus 2227
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Wale Fayanjuola
Liston Campus 2227
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Corey Fernandez
Knight Campus 3574
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Rekha Rosha
Flanagan Campus 1318
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Last Updated: 2/15/17