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What To Do If You Experience Discrimination

If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination it is important that you speak to a college official about the matter. The Community College has various means of addressing issues of discrimination depending on who the victim is, who the accused person is, and the nature of the discrimination.

Discrimination, Hate Crimes, and Bias-Related Incidents

These terms can be very confusing for most people. They have similar meanings, but very precise distinctions in matter of law and student conduct. For purposes of beginning an explanation, use the following definitions.

Discrimination is when you are denied an opportunity based upon your real or perceived race, color, national origin, disability, political beliefs, age, gender, gender identification or expression, or sexual orientation.

Hate Crimes are those criminal offenses already illegal in our state that may have been conducted or initiated due to the victims protected status, real or perceived, in one of the above listed categories. It only applies in cases where a crime has been committed.

Bias Related Incidents are those incidents that are not illegal, but that constitute violations of College rules or stand-alone incidents of incivility based upon the victim’s real or perceived membership in one of the above listed categories.

If you believe you are the victim of one of the above, we strongly encourage you to report it.

For incidents at any of four main campus locations contact:

Lela Morgan, Interim Director of Affirmative Action; 401-333-7485
Sheri Norton, Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator; 401-825-2311

For incidents on the Knight (Warwick) Campus contact:

Bob Cipolla, Dean
401-825-2221, KN 1054

For incidents on the Flanagan (Lincoln) Campus contact:

Michael Cunningham, Dean

For incidents on the Liston (Providence) Campus contact:

Tracy Karasinski, Associate Dean

For incidents on the Newport County Campus contact:

Michael Cunningham, Dean

If your complaint is against one of the above individuals, contact:

Dr. Ronald Schertz, Associate Vice President

These staff members will hear your concern and will help direct you to the appropriate means of addressing the matter depending on the nature of the incident and the status of the accused individual. Faculty, staff and students have different procedures to address inappropriate actions. Any given complaint may go through the Affirmative Action Officer, the Student Conduct System, the Academic Grievance Committee, or the Human Resources Office.

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Last Updated: 11/21/16