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Community College of Rhode Island

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Dr. Ronald Schertz Dr. Ronald L. Schertz
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Office of the Associate Vice President Student Services

Division Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive programs and services which support and enhance the educational, social and physical growth and development of the general college population and the community as a whole.”

News and Information

ZikaImportant message from Angela Marshall, student health nurse, regarding the Zika Virus.

Second Chance CCRI has two programs to assist students with past due financial obligations, Tuition Appeal and Second Chance . Tuition Appeals are for students who are requesting a refund, credit or balance waiver of their tuition charges due to documentable extenuating circumstances preventing attendance.  Second Chance is a program designed to provide students who have not attended CCRI for five years or longer with past due financial obligations a second chance to obtain a certificate or degree with the Community College of Rhode Island.

CCRI Sign Policy - The Community College of Rhode Island's sign policy sign policy establishes standards for all interior signs on all campuses. It provides guidance about the placement and location of directional signs, event signs, departmental signs and student signs as well as provisions for their approval and removal. This policy is designed to recognize the needs of the college's distinct campuses while promoting an uncluttered and more attractive environment. [Learn more - CCRI's sign policy]

handbook Student Handbook - The Handbook contains important information about policies and procedures that will give you a better understanding of certain expectations CCRI has of its students and college processes of which you should be aware. [Learn more on the Student Handbook]

VetSuccess Program Vet Success Program - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has chosen the Community College of Rhode Island as one of eight schools nationwide for its VetSuccess on Campus pilot program. The program assigns on-campus VA counselors to help veterans attending college under the Post-9/11 GI Bill make the most of their educational experience. [Learn more on the Vet Success Program]

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