Policies and Procedures

Student-Athlete Academic Support Program

The athletic program here at the Community College of Rhode Island is one of the finest in the United States, fielding 13 varsity teams. Each Department of Athletics staff member is interested and committed to your success. We are continually striving to be a nationally competitive intercollegiate athletics program at the Junior College/Community College level while maintaining academic integrity and rules compliance. Our Student-Athlete Academic Support Program is a mandatory program for all student-athletes at CCRI. The program has academic requirements that must be maintained in order to remain a student-athlete in "good standing". A student-athlete in good standing will be allowed to take full advantage of practicing and competing with our varsity athletic programs.


The SAASP Staff is comprised of part-time athletics advising staff that will be available Monday through Friday during the day in the SAASP areas.


Beverly Wiley – Compliance Officer – SAASP Program Coordinator


Deb Bush

Gregory Hart

Geraldine Marcoccio

Carl Tronni

Academic Commitment and Integrity

Our Athletics program is committed to the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. You have been selected to represent our fine institution as a student-athlete because we believe that you have the potential to achieve a healthy balance between your academic and athletic obligations. It is also our expectation that you will take responsibility for your own behavior, as well as develop a personal commitment to integrity and dedication to the task. These key components are essential to your success as a student-athlete at the Community College of Rhode Island.

While our athletics program is one of the finest in the United States, be aware that we care about you as a person. Each and every Athletics Department staff member is dedicated to your success so that your experience as a CCRI Student-Athlete is a positive one.

Our Athletics department goals are no less ambitious. As members of the National Junior College Athletics Association, we are continuously striving to be a nationally competitive intercollegiate athletics program, while maintaining academic integrity and rules compliance. As we all work together, we are certain that our opportunities for academic and athletic success are limitless.

Academic Policies and Attendance

The Student-Athlete Academic Support Center Hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Student-athletes must arrive at the Success Center on each campus "on the hour" in order to attend. The center has a "study" atmosphere. Therefore, student-athletes are expected to utilize their time wisely. One hour per week of SAASP may be used for a tutoring session, meetings with Advising and Counseling, Career Services, etc. and should be coordinated through the SAASP Advisor or Compliance Officer. Student-athletes must be engaged in academically productive activity while in attendance or they may be asked to leave and will lose credit for that hour. All student-athletes must be engaged in an academically productive activity while in attendance or he/she may be asked to leave and will lose credit for the hour.

SAASP Locations:

Warwick Campus:

Success Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Library. Student Athlete section is toward the back.

Lincoln Campus:

Success Center is located on the 2nd floor above the cafeteria. Student Athlete section is to your left.

Student-athletes with the majority of their classes at the Providence or Newport Campus, can make arrangements to get credit for their hours however, this must be cleared through the Compliance Officer.

If there is a scheduling problem that prevents a student-athlete from attending SAASP during the hours of operation, they must contact their Coach and the Compliance Officer no later the end of the first week of the semester.

Attendance/Grade Check

Student/Athletes will meet with the Compliance Officer to receive an Attendance/Grade Check form during the 4th week of each semester. This form will contain each class on their schedule along with the Professor’s name. They will be responsible for requesting that their professors record their absences and any grades for the 1st 3 weeks of the semester. Any Student/Athlete with more than 3 absences in any class or with any failing grades will be required to complete a Weekly Attendance/Grade Check Form for that class until mid-term.

Mid Term Check

Mid-Term grades will be distributed to all Coaches and each team will meet with the Compliance Officer.

If a Student-Athlete is performing unsatisfactorily (Unsatisfactory performance is defined as a ‘D’, ‘F’, or ‘U’, ‘NA’ or ‘I’ in one or more classes), they will have one week to complete a Plan for Performance Improvement Form for each class. The Compliance Officer will hand out the Form to the student-athlete. The student-athlete will bring the form to their professor(s) for suggestions to improve his/her class performance. The Plan for Performance Improvement Forms must be returned to the Compliance Officer one week after receiving the forms.

Once the Plan for Performance Form has been completed, the student-athlete will be required on a weekly basis to have his/her instructor(s) sign the Student-Athlete Attendance / Performance Sheet for classes which he/she is performing unsuccessfully This will be closely monitored by the Compliance Officer and will continue until the student-athlete’s grade is brought up to a “C” or “S”


The following are the discipline codes for each area of non-compliance:

Failure to attend the SAASP Center

In Season:

Suspended from practice and/or games until all hours are made up. The academic week starts on a Friday and ends on the following Thursday. Suspensions will begin each Thursday @ 2:00 P.M.

Out of Season:

Suspended following season from practice and/or game for each hour missed and not made up. Suspension will begin on the start date of the first practice.

Note: Suspension means that the student-athlete cannot attend practice or be on the bench during a game/match.

Failure to complete Attendance or Grade Check or Performance Plan Forms according to stated Time Policy

In Season:

Suspended from practice and/or games until forms are completed.

Out of Season:

Suspended following season one practice and/or game for each day late.


The SAASP Advisor shall communicate with the coaching staff and Compliance Officer on a regular basis. The coaches are with the student-athletes almost on a daily basis and have a major influence in their behavior. Communication between the SAASP Advisor and the coaching staff should occur weekly at a minimum.

The SAASP Advisor’s role in this program is vital. The advisor will act as a mentor, facilitator, advisor, counselor and academic coordinator. During the two one-hour meetings, time is spent getting to know the student-athletes, their interests, their future academic and career plans.

SAASP Advisor responsibilities will include the following:

Daily Attendance

Academic Advising

Referrals to existing CCRI Support Programs

Athletic Team Contact Person

Liaison to Compliance Officer

Contact Information

Liston Campus (Providence)
Room 2236B
Tel: 401-455-6116

Flangan Campus (Lincoln)
2nd Floor, near bookstore
Tel: 401-333-7474

Knight Campus (Warwick)
Room 3540
Tel: 401-825-1118

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