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2015 Student Athlete Awards

  • Matt Bulmer-Izzy Siperstein Award Winner
  • Dave Hopkins-Charlie Wilkes Award Winner
  • Delyn Pizarro-Mary O'Neill Award Winner
  • Meghan Rousseau-All-Region Women's Soccer
  • Stepheny Perez- All-Region Women's Soccer
  • Ashley LeClair-all-Region Women's Soccer
  • Alex Padilla- All-Region Men's Soccer
  • Jenn Kilburn- Joseph Andre Jr. Award Recipient
  • TJ Boyajian- Ann Cullen Award Winner
  • Selena Canales- All-Region Women's Soccer
  • Lauren Cattani- All-Region Women's Soccer
  • Jenn Kilburn- All-Region Women's Soccer
  • Steve Letterle- All-Region Golf
  • Steve Letterle- Golf
  • Evan Gaudreau- All-Region Men's Soccer
  • Nate DaCosta- All-Region Men's Soccer
  • Adam Coutu-all Region Men's Soccer
  • Troy Derrick-Tennis Most Valuable Player
  • Jacquelyn French- All-Region Tennis
  • Justin Allen- All-Region Tennis
  • Max Mendoza- All-Region Tennis
  • Torin Fenton- All-Region Tennis
  • Jesse Ossian- RIAIAW Award Recipient from CCRI
  • Junior Robert- Men's Soccer Most Valuable Player
  • Junior Robert- All-Region Men's Soccer
  • Emily Taylor- Volleyball Co-Most Valuable Player
  • Anthony Jernigan- Men's Basketball Most Valuable Player
  • Ina Anderson- Cross Country Most Valuable Athlete
  • Jesse Ossian- Women's Basketball All-Region
  • Amber Edwards- Women's Basketball Most Valuable Player
  • Alex Greenwood- Golf All-Region
  • Matt Bulmer- Soccer
  • Adam Coutu- Men's Scooer
  • Alex Padilla-Men's Soccer
  • 2015 Student Athlete Award Baseball
  • Delyn Pizarro- Volleyball Co-Most Valuable Player
  • Anthony Jernigan- All-Region Men's Basketball
  • Ian Anderson-Cross Country
  • East Greenwich Native Dave Hopkins- Baseball
  • South Kingstown Native Eddie Apice- Baseball
  • Dave Hopkins- All-Region Baseball
  • Ryan Rotondo-All-Region Baseball
  • Chris Fitta-Club Volleyball Most Valuable Player
  • Maxine DeLuise- Marrucci Elite Hitter .659 BA
  • Taylor Butler- Softball Co-Most Valuable Plater
  • Meghan Rousseau-All-Region Softball
  • Mikayla Fernandez- All-Region Softball
  • Dan Autiello- All-Region Baseball
  • Eddie Apice- All-Region Baseball
  • Cross Country- Tri-State Invite @ CCRI
  • Evan Gaudreau- Men's Soccer
  • Men's Soccer
  • Club Volleyball
  • Maxine DeLuise- Softball Co-Most Valuable Player
  • Stepheny Perez- Women's Soccer
  • CCRI Tennis- Region XXI Champions
  • Darshya Silva Parker- All-Region Tennis
  • Emily Taylor- Volleyball
  • CCRI Volleyball
  • CCRI Women's Basketball
  • Selena Canales- Women's Soccer
  • Haley Beausoleil- Track & Field Most Valuable Athlete
  • Austin Barry- Baseball Most Valuable Player
  • Dan Autiello- Baseball
  • TJ Boyajian-All-Region Baseball
  • Kristina Rodriguez- All-Region Softball
  • CCRI Baseball Coaches and Captains
  • Baseball post-game handshake
  • Baseball Anthem
  • CCRI Golf- Region Champions
  • Men's Basketball Sophomore Day with family
  • MBB Sophomores
  • Men's Soccer Goal Celebration vs Dean
  • Men's Soccer Sophomore Day
  • Volleyball Sophomore Day
  • Women's Basketball sophomores
  • WBB Sophomore Day
  • WBB Sophomore Day II
  • Ashley LeClair- Women's Soccer
  • Women's Soccer Wall for free kick
  • Women's Soccer Pink out warm-up
  • Women's Soccer anthem
  • Haley Beausoleil- Javelin Record 37.85m
  • Austin Barry All-Region Baseball
  • Jenna Urso- All-Region Softball
  • Baseball Huddle
  • Taylor Butler- Co-Captain Softball
  • CCRI Lady Knights Region XXI Champs
  • Lee Mandanici- Indoor Track Most Valuable Athlete

CCRI Photos

CCRI photographs are taken by Dan Aurelio



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