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Community College of Rhode Island

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Contact Information

Yvonne H. Leonard
Department Chair

Tel: 401-825-2068

Chair's Main Office:
Knight Campus
3rd Floor, main building

Leslie Florio
Technical Staff Assistant
Tel: 401-825-2220

Etsuko Foster
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 401-333-7154

Eileen Namaka
Visual Resources Curator/
Website Content Manager
Tel: 401-333-7196

Ricardo Rivera
Knight Campus Director

Shawn Parker
Flanagan Campus Gallery



  • Mazin Adam 3D Design, Intro to Sculpture, Ceramics, Fine Art Seminar
  • Rebecca Clark Photography, Digital Photography
  • Natalie Coletta Art History: Ancient to Medieval, Renaissance to Modern, Non Western Topics
  • Mark Hartshorn Drawing I, 2D Design Color, Color, Graphic Design, Visual Web Design
  • Maureen Kelman 3D Design, Into to Sculpture, Textile Design
  • Yvonne Leonard Drawing 1, 2D Design, Color
  • Tom Morrissey Drawing, Digital Photography, Digital Art
  • Josh Ostraff Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Color
  • Shawn Parker Art History: Ancient to Medieval, Non-Western Topics, Introduction to Visual Arts, Director of Flanagan Campus Art Gallery
  • Ricardo Rivera Digital Art I, Video Art, Art Seminar, Director of Knight Campus Art Gallery
  • Cynthia Smith Drawing, Color, Painting, Textile Design
  • Nancy Wyllie Intro to Visual Art, Color, Painting, Digital Art
  • Mark Zellers Intro to Sculpture, Ceramics, Fine Art Seminar

Last Updated: 9/16/14