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ARTS 1810 - 1820 - 2820


ARTS 1850 - 2850


The CCRI photography department offers introductory and intermediate level courses in traditional black and white photography using 35mm cameras and an introductory course in digital photography.

Students enrolled in photography classes have access to the photo labs on Flanagan and Knight campus for developing film and making prints. Computer labs are available on both campuses equipped with inkjet printers and Adobe Photoshop.

The fundamentals of photographic technique, aesthetics, history, and theory are covered in all of the photography classes.

Through making, looking at, and discussing photographs students will learn how to use and understand photography as a means of visual communication and expression.

ARTS 1810     Photography I                 6 hours
ARTS 1820     Photography II                6 hours
ARTS 2820     Photography III               6 hours
ARTS 1850     Digital Photography 1      6 hours
ARTS 2850     Digital Photography II      6 hours

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