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Art History - Renaissance to Modern Art

Renaissance to Modern

ARTS 1520 - 3 credits

a painting by KandinskyWhen the French Dada artist Marcel Duchamp turned a urinal around, mounted it on the wall and called it “Fountain”, more than just the critics of the day were appalled--the art world was turned upside down. While only a small number of people knew of the art and antics of the Dadaists, their actions reverberated throughout the twentieth century.

European and American art is the framework of our study from the Renaissance to Contemporary art. Non-Western art (Asian, African, indigenous American, Oceanic) is introduced mainly as an influence upon western studies. Reading and lectures travel from the Renaissance to Baroque, Romanticism to Modernism, Abstract-Expressionism to Contemporary movements. We discuss hundreds of works of art and come to understand our history with a depth and provocation unlike any other history class. Artists’ lives, conservation projects, property rights, and censorship are among topics that call for more focused study.

"The Birth of Venus", a painting by Botticelli

It is recommended that students enroll in “Art History: Ancient to Medieval” before taking “Renaissance to Modern”, although this is not a prerequisite. Students are discouraged from enrolling in both 1510 and 1520 in the same semester. This course is a smooth three credit transfer to four year colleges.

Lecture: 3 hours

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Topics: Africa, Asia, the Americas

Ancient art history

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