Learning Goals & Outcomes - Radiography

Program Goals: Students graduating from the Radiography Program will:

  1. be skilled in current practice as entry-level diagnostic radiographers.
    Student Outcomes:
    1. Students will use knowledge of anatomy and positioning to produce diagnostic radiographs.
    2. Students will skillfully operate radiographic equipment.
    3. Students will protect themselves, staff, patients, and visitors from excess radiation exposure in the clinical setting.
  2. demonstrate the ability to communicate orally and in writing.
    Student Outcomes:
    1. Students will communicate orally with patients and staff in an effective manner.
    2. Students will communicate clearly and accurately in writing in the clinical and academic settings.
  3. demonstrate the ability to think critically and solve problems in a clinical setting.
    Student Outcomes:
    1. Students will evaluate images for radiographic quality.
    2. Students will adapt imaging procedures and equipment in non-routine situations and for special populations.
  4. act as ethical and responsible members of the healthcare team.
    Student Outcomes:
    1. Students will respond to the needs of patients.
    2. Students will respect patient confidentiality.
    3. Students will demonstrate attitudes and behavior consistent with professional standards.

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