Learning Outcomes - Phlebotomy Certificate

Students completing the phlebotomy certificate will:

  1. Practice accepted standards for infection control and safety as mandated by OSHA and CLSI.
  2. Apply understanding of the importance of specimen collection and specimen integrity in the delivery of patient care.
  3. Perform venipunctures proficiently following CLSI standards.
  4. Perform capillary puncture following CLSI standards.
  5. Perform EKG proficiently.
  6. Perform specimen transport and processing according to CLSI standards.
  7. Apply appropriate quality assurance and quality control to waived laboratory testing according to CLIA regulations.
  8. Follow manufacturer's directions for CLIA waived tests.
  9. Communicate and interact appropriately with patients, staff and coworkers.
  10. Use computers in the workplace.
  11. Discuss policies and protocol designed to maintain confidentiality and to avoid medico-legal problems.
  12. Apply ICD-CM codes to clinical laboratory testing.

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Last Updated: 12/1/17