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Faculty/Staff Listing

Campus Locations: Knight: Warwick | Flanagan: Lincoln | Liston: Providence

Name Title/Program Campus Telephone E-mail
Cynthia Banna Faculty - Clinical Laboratory Technology Flanagan 333-7106
Donna Bezak Faculty - Clinical Laboratory Technology Liston 333-7252
Mark Bouchard Diagnostic Medical Sonography Flanagan 333-7449
Paula Cardillo Program Director - Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) Lincoln 333-7449
Michelle Caron  Technical Support Staff - Phlebotomy Liston 333-7252
Amy Chaves Director of Clinical Education - Respiratory Therapy Flanagan 333-7095
Peter Cyr Faculty - Radiography, Ultrasound Flanagan 333-7449
James Devona Faculty - Phlebotomy Flanagan 333-7252
Theresa Dickinson Renal Dialysis Technology Liston 455-6132
Bernadette Drinkwine Program Coordinator -Renal Dialysis Technology Liston 455-6132
Aida Faria Program Coordinator - Magnetic Resonance Imaging Liston 455-6132
Carol Ferrer Technical Support Staff - Clinical Laboratory Technology Flanagan 333-7145
Kerri Germano Faculty - Radiography Flanagan 333-7191
Marybeth Hunt Faculty - Radiography Flanagan 333-7191
Joanne Jacobs Program Director - Respiratory Therapy Flanagan 333-7024
Maddie Josephs Program Director -Clinical Laboratory Technology,
Flanagan 333-7418
Caren Koropey Administrative Assistant - Allied Health Dept Flanagan 333-7252
Denise Lazo Director of Clinical Education - Radiography Flanagan 333-7343
Patricia Lucas Faculty - Radiography Flanagan 333-7449
Susan Neimic Faculty - Radiography Flanagan 333-7191
Sharon Perkins, Chair Program Director - Radiography Flanagan 333-7144
Rose Tavares Proulx Faculty - Histotechnician Liston 455-6048
Debra St. Pierre Program Director - Phlebotomy Flanagan 333-7106
Kathleen Tenczar Faculty - Respiratory Therapy Flanagan 333-7252

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