Diagnostic Medical Sonography Admission Guidelines

Flanagan Campus


Minimum requirements to apply to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program:

  1. CCRI application – Complete and submit a CCRI Application for Enrollment. General Studies should be first choice; DMSD should be second choice.
  2. High school transcript – Send an official copy of an accredited high school transcript or GED, including date of graduation must be provided. If the applicant holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college/university, the high school transcript may be waived; college transcript must indicate completion and degree awarded.
  3. Placement testing – Complete a standardized test (ACCUPLACER) issued by CCRI’s Department of Advising and Counseling. Students may NOT retake the ACCUPLACER test before completing the remedial course/courses.

       Reading comprehension test must show competency of 80 or above or
       students must complete ENGL 0890: Critical Reading with a grade of “B-”
       or better. ENGL 1300 will not substitute for ENGL 1010.
  1. Complete courses required for admission with a grade of “C” or better:
    ENGL 1010: Composition I
    MATH 1700: Algebra for Technology (MATH 1200, MATH 1900 and MATH 1910 also meet this requirement.)
    PHYS 1000: Physical Science (PHYS 1030 also meets this requirement.)
  2. Complete courses required for admission with a grade of “B-” or better:
    BIOL 1070: Anatomy and Physiology or BIOL 1010: Human Anatomy
  3. Aptitude Examination – Take the PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Examination administered through Advising and Counseling. The exam may be taken no more than three times (see psbtests.com).
  4. GPA – A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better for all college courses.
  5. Health Sciences application – Complete and submit an online Performance-Based Health Sciences application (www.ccri.edu/oes/admissions/performancedbasedapplications.html) during the open enrollment period.  Deadlines are listed on the form.

All the above requirements must be met satisfactorily BEFORE submission of the Performance-Based Health Sciences application and does not guarantee acceptance.  Students declining acceptance into the program for the semester offered must resubmit a Performance-Based Health Sciences application for the program and meet the current admission requirements.  Once accepted into the program, the student must attend a mandatory meeting conducted by the Allied Health Department.

Background Check – Students are required to submit a background check when directed by notification from Enrollment Services.

Policies for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program after acceptance:

  • Applicants must have a physical examination and the required immunizations completed prior to the beginning of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.
  • Students also must have a current CPR card (American Heart Association, Health Care Provider level) obtained through an AHA recognized community training center (course is also available at CCRI – HEAL 0200).

Please note:  Requirements are subject to change.

For more information: www.ccri.edu/dean-hrs/admiss-docs.html or contact the Office of Enrollment Services:

Mike Hynes, Knight (Warwick) Campus: 401-825-2266, mhynes@ccri.edu

If more specific information is needed, contact Paula Cardillo, Program Director, at 401-333-7449 or via e-mail at pcardillo@ccri.edu

DMSD Program Admission Criteria Point System

The performance-based acceptance process is based on the performance indicators identified for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. A point system, based on the admissions guidelines, has been assigned to the performance criteria.

The criteria for the incoming Fall 2017 class will include:

  • GPA in prerequisite courses
  • Grades in MATH 1700 or 1200 and BIOL 1070 or BIOL 1010
  • ACCUPLACER reading score/degree completion
  • PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Test (academic aptitude)
  • PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Test (information in the Natural Sciences)
  1. Prerequisite GPA for prerequisite courses x 10:
    Example: 3.67 GPA x 10 = 36.7 points
    Maximum points = 40
  2. Grades in specified courses using the following scale: 
    A = 10 points            B+ = 7 points            C+ = 2 points
    A- = 8 points             B = 5 points              C = 1 point
                                     B- = 3 points

    Grade in BIOL 1070 or BIOL 1010         Maximum points:  10
    Grade in MATH 1700 or MATH 1200     Maximum points:  10
  3. ACCUPLACER reading comprehension test score (ACCUPLACER test may be taken no more than three times)

    ACCUPLACER score of 90 or better = 10
    A bachelor's degree = 10
    A grade of A in ENGL 0890 = 10

    Maximum points = 10
  4. PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (Academic Aptitude total)
    Percentile score x 0.25
    Example: 72 percentile score x 0.25 = 18
    Maximum points = 25
  5. PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (Information in the Natural Sciences)
    Percentile score x 0.05
    Example: 85 percentile score x 0.05 = 4.25
    Maximum points = 5

PSB aptitude test may be taken no more than three times.

Maximum Total Points.................................. 100 Points

Tiebreaker:  Earliest completion of preadmission courses

Credits granted through AP, CLEP, challenge exams or assessment of prior learning will be recognized as satisfying course requirements and will be assigned points equivalent to a grade of B.

***A student with a baccalaureate degree or high may still be required to complete an ACCUPLACER test depending on the prerequisites for individual general education courses.***

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