• Beth Anish, English
  • Crystal Bergantine, Enrollment Services and CCRIESPA
  • Jodie Bluto, Chemistry
  • Chris Brooks, English
  • Robert Cipolla, Advising & Counseling
  • Kristen Cyr, Marketing & Communications
  • Robin Donnelly, Human Resources
  • David Fischbach, Marketing & Communications
  • Sara Hill, Information Technology
  • Judith Hubbs, Controller's Office
  • Christine Jenkins, Dean of Student’s Office
  • Madalena Josephs, Allied Health - Clinical Lab Technology
  • Tracy Karasinski, Office of Opportunity & Outreach
  • Leslie Killgore, Social Sciences
  • Terri-Ann Milligan, Human Resources
  • Jeanne Mullaney, CITLA
  • Melissa Murphy, Human Resources
  • Jaime Nash, CWCE - Training & Development
  • Ellen Ogrodnik, Human Services
  • Erin Olson, Marketing & Communications
  • Edna O’Neill Mattson, Administration Office
  • Anthony Parziale, Information Technology
  • Jean Potvin, Human Services/Foreign Languages & Cultures
  • Amanda Richards, Human Resources
  • London Russell, Information Technology
  • James Salisbury, Library
  • Jennifer Simon, Human Resources
  • Robin Smith, President’s Office
  • Sandra Sneesby, English
  • Patrick Stone, Marketing & Communications
  • Beverly Wiley, Athletics and CCRIPSA

The Professional Development Day Committee extends their thanks and appreciation to the countless groups and individuals for their important support roles in planning and executing this annual event, including, but not limited to: the departments of security, facilities, maintenance, student services, IT as well as all of the faculty and staff presenters who sharing their knowledge at the event.

Contact Information

Patrick Stone
Director of Marketing, Communications and Publications

Main Office 
Knight Campus
Room 3312
Tel: 401-825-2028

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