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Priority Tasks for the Learning Spaces Initiative

  • Educate group on current research and best practices related to learning spaces in a college environment.
  • Assess the current state of those learning spaces; gather feedback from faculty and students.  Review all attributes of the space that are known to affect learning:
    • Is the furniture flexible to support different styles of teaching and learning?
    • Is the lighting sufficient and has dual controls for different uses of space?
    • Acoustics and sound amplifications
    • Seating and ergonomics
    • Room orientation
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
    • Networking, computers, projection devices and telephones
    • Do instructors need whiteboards or chalkboards, and how many?
    • Is there natural light through windows and how is it controlled?
    • Are there windows onto the corridor? How are distractions from passers-by prevented?
    • Painting and carpeting
  • Determine long term strategies and principles of good design for learning spaces and promote standards for classrooms and other learning spaces.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for classroom management (e.g. erasing board, providing chalk/markers, rearranging furniture, etc).
  • Assess enhancements to learning spaces, prioritize, and make recommendations to the VP of Academic Affairs.
  • Increase awareness among faculty and students of the ways in which learning spaces can be used and improved.
  • Coordinate renovations or improvements when funding become available.
  • Coordinate with other college committees as appropriate (e.g. Academic Technology Advisory Committee—ATAC)

Last Updated: 9/25/15