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Community College of Rhode Island

News from OES

Fall 2013 grading

gradesIf you issue an F, WP, WF, NA, I or IC (math lab) these grades require a last date of attendance in the format MM/DD/YYYY (leading zeros for month and days that are less than 10, slash separators and all four digits of the year are required.) Failure to enter the date in the proper format will cause the entire roster to reject and an error message will appear resulting in no grades being posted to that roster.

Once grades are entered, they are rolled to history in the Banner system. This allows the student to see his or her grades online. Once rolled, any grade change will require a paper Grade Maintenance Form (one form for each student on the roster) be completed by the faculty member. Forms are available at all Office of Enrollment Services locations and require proof of identification.

Because of the short period of time between the fall and spring terms, we must adhere to published deadlines!

At 8 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 26, all missing grades will be assigned a code of "NR - Grade not reported by faculty."

If a faculty member does not submit grades prior to 8 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 26, a temporary code of NR will be posted on the student's record.

This allows Enrollment Services to process all mandatory end-of-term functions. NR codes must be converted to valid grades using the paper Grade Maintenance Form available in the Office of Enrollment Services, the Office of Academic Affairs or through the academic department no later than noon on Friday, Dec. 27.

Refer to the following schedule of processing deadlines:

Date Deadline
Tuesday, Dec. 24 Grades due by noon (May be submitted earlier!)
Thursday, Dec. 26 NR code to be posted on student's record at 8 a.m.
Friday, Dec. 27 Grade Maintenance Forms (one form for each student on the roster) are

due in Enrollment Services by noon to convert NR codes to valid grades.

News from the Admissions Department

The CCRI Admissions Department has been selected to receive a Rhode Island Partnership for Success mini-grant in support of its North End Opportunities for College and Career Access Awareness Program, coordinated by Deb Watson, associate director of Enrollment Services, and Jude Tomasino, associate director of Admissions/Transfer.

The mini-grants aim to support new and existing statewide partnerships that encourage greater collaboration between PK-12 and higher education and advance college access and readiness in Rhode Island. Funding for this project has been made possible by the generous support of the Rhode Island Office of Higher Education, the College Access Challenge Grant program and Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR.

The Admissions Department has designed the CCRI program as a way to build a stronger partnership with the East Bay Met School and CCRI’s Newport County Campus. The Nov. 1 event at CCRI’s Newport campus focused on accessing higher education and student leadership opportunities as well as transfer and career pathways once a student graduates from CCRI.

Director of Admissions Terri Kless said that the program is just one of several new initiatives the department has planned. “The Admissions Department is always looking for opportunities to meet with students and share information about the programs and services available at CCRI,” she said. “Reaching out to high school students and providing them with an on-campus experience can be the first step in creating excitement, anticipation and a smooth transition to college.”

2013-14 Student Ambassadors announced

The Admissions Department is proud to announce the students selected to serve as Student Ambassadors for the 2013-14 academic year. These individuals receive leadership training throughout the year and participate in a wide variety of CCRI-related activities, such as providing tours for prospective students, visiting high schools/community-based organizations with admission officers, assisting with special events at each campus, etc. For additional information regarding the Ambassador Program, please contact.

Flanagan Campus (Lincoln):

Penda Sow – General Studies major

Carla Viera – Business major

Knight Campus (Warwick):

Shawn Ferreira – Liberal Arts-Foreign Language major

William Moore – Music major

Joseph Smith – Music major

Liston Campus (Providence):

Rosa Dalomba – Business major

Octavian Goncalves – Business major

Admissions staff invited to be guest speakers at Rhode Island Debate League competition

Recently, staff members from the Admissions Department were invited to speak at the Rhode Island Debate League’s Saturday afternoon debate competition held at Mt. Pleasant High School. The focus was on college access and the benefits of attending college upon graduating from high school. With more than 13 inner-city high schools represented at the event, the admissions staff members were able to provide the students with a wealth of knowledge on the application and financial aid process, as well as ideas about how to select the right college. Additionally, all students interested in attending CCRI were invited to tour the campus of their choice and to speak with a representative in admission to explore the numerous academic offerings available at CCRI.

New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (NEACRAO) annual conference

Jude Tomasino (CCRI), Lucy Rios Saunders (RIC), Sarah Rockett (URI) and Phyllis Harnick, Ph.D. (RI-OHE) presented at the 2013 NEACRAO conference held in Newport. The presentation focused on how the three state institutions of higher education, along with a grant underwritten by the Rhode Island Office of Higher Education, redesigned the state’s Transfer Articulation Guide with the incorporation of the Transfer Evaluation System (TES). Additionally, they addressed how a new, vibrant, easy-to-navigate transfer website dedicated to assisting students, faculty, staff and advisers find admissions and transfer information for each of the three schools was created and is maintained.

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