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Community College of Rhode Island

IT News


CryptoLockerCryptoLocker malware is a malicious infection of your computer that is spreading rapidly with the number of cases nationwide tripling in the month of October. This ransomware application has been found in North America, Europe Middle East and the Asia Pacific. Almost two-thirds of the affected victims – 64 percent – were from the U.S. These threats arrive in email refining a previously known infection tools, rather than the creation of entirely new threats.

Spear Phishing

PhishingPhishing hooks more than its share of people and CCRI is no exception. In the last six months, 30 individual accounts have been compromised. A new threat has evolved, a new tool called the microphisher. This application gathers the digital breadcrumbs (the visits you have made from site to site across the Internet) users leave through social networks, mailing lists, online forums, and beyond.


The “bring your own device” (BYOD) phenomena is absolutely in full bloom here at CCRI. Take a walk up on the sixth floor on the Knight campus any day and you can see it in action. The thumbs are blazing away on text message after text message; people are keeping in touch and being always online. Sit in any of the cafeterias across the college and students are engaging themselves in these easy-to-use, minimal learning curve devices.

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Last Updated: 7/2/18