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Community College of Rhode Island

Faculty Innovators

Assistant Professor Brendan Britton

Brendan BrittonAssistant Professor Brendan Britton has been teaching two popular astronomy courses at CCRI since 2009 noted for their emphasis on mathematical rigor. They are more than just an astronomy class; they introduce students to the science of large numbers, the subtlety of measurement and the need for quantitative reasoning in their everyday life. [Read more on Brendan Britton]

Assistant Professor Emily Burns

Emily Burn's ClassFor the first time in history, more people live in cities than in rural areas. Rhode Island is no exception; most of its residents, including CCRI students, live in urban or suburban neighborhoods. I have designed my classes to emphasize the relevance of Earth science to these places, including a focus on water supply, pollution, raw materials and so on. This fits in with my own interest in how the human and natural worlds interact. [Read more on Emily Burns]

Associate Professor Jim Salisbury

Jim SalisburyWith a limited number of public computers available for student use in the library, I saw a laptop lending program as an excellent way to provide an additional service to our students while promoting the library as a place to be. The program had a soft rollout in Fall 2011, after the library was renovated. Without any publicity, beyond word of mouth, the library circulated the laptops 71 times. [Read more on Jim Salisbury]

Associate Professor Theodore Clement

Ted Clement

The Performing Arts Department is proud to announce that Associate Professor of Theatre Theodore Clement, has been appointed to the position of co-vice chair for the Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival, Region 1. [Read more on Theodore Clement]

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