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Community College of Rhode Island

Inclement weather

2013 - 2014 Information

Inclement Weather InformationIn anticipation of New England’s winter months’ inclement weather, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs would like to remind faculty of the following:

In the event classes are canceled because of inclement weather, we encourage faculty to contact students using Blackboard or CCRI email addresses advising them of any additional assignments, schedule changes, revisions to workloads, etc. Instruction missed due to inclement weather must be made-up by other alternatives. Some examples may include extra assignments, individual conferences, discussion groups, video lectures, research assignments, or out-of-class work that complements what may be on an instructor’s syllabus, etc., or adding extra time to other class meetings that do not conflict with room schedules or student schedules.

CCRI inclement weather policy:

The president may cancel classes throughout the college or in a certain segment of the college. If the college itself is ever closed, such word will be made public only as part of a general announcement authorized by the governor, affecting all state employees. [Read more about Inclement Weather Policy]

Closings, cancellations and delays:

The following radio and television stations and websites will be broadcasting/publishing up-to-date information concerning class cancellations whenever a weather or general emergency exists. Locate local media sources where up-to-date storm & emergency closings & delay information will be posted.

Rave Emergency Alerts

All CCRI students and staff will receive cancellation notifications through Rave Emergency Alerts notification system.

Please plan in advance in anticipation of future inclement weather. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to CCRI students. [More information]

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Last Updated: 3/8/18