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Distance Learning

Explore Teaching Online

You can add online teaching training and experience to your portfolio. There are several opportunities at CCRI for you to begin learning how to teach online and to stay up to date with best practices.

The DL Faculty Forum in Blackboard contains helpful documents for DL faculty and an active discussion board of topics related to teaching and learning online. Members receive periodic (weekly during the semester) mailings of DL updates and reminders. If you are teaching a DL section (600 or 700), scheduled to teach a DL section, or just interested in online learning, please email Maggie Burke to be added to the forum.

The distance learning pedagogy course ran successfully during the first five-week summer session. If you are interested in participating the next time the course is offered, you should first attend Blackboard training sessions and use Blackboard as a supplement to an on-campus course. Technology-enhanced courses help our students succeed by offering anytime, anywhere access to course materials. Becoming proficient with a learning management system (such as Blackboard) is your first step toward teaching online. Contact Maggie Burke if you wish to participate in the pedagogy course the next time it runs.

Online teaching informs traditional practices

Adjunct instructor Keith Fox teaches both regular and hybrid sections of Introduction to Visual Arts. He noticed that his students in the hybrid sections, who had written blog entries over the course of the semester, wrote better term papers than his students in regular sections who had participated only in the class discussions.

This fall semester, he adapted the online blogging activity to the on-campus class as brief, weekly oral presentations called discussion clinics. The result has been active engagement in discussing art in a serious and critical way. He hopes that these discussion clinics in the classroom, inspired by online course blogs, will help the students to write thoughtful and scholarly term papers at the end of the semester.

Orientation to online learning for students

Online courses increase access to education to students who have schedules and obligations that make a full on-campus course load difficult to arrange. However, physical access does not mean the learning modality is accessible. There is significant evidence that orientations to online learning improve student completion rates in online courses.

COMI 1145, Introduction to Learning Online, will be offered for the first time in the spring semester. This will be offered as a one-credit, five-week hybrid course (meeting one hour on campus per week). This course was approved by the Curriculum Review Committee in the spring. The course description is:

This course will give students the necessary skills to succeed in an online learning environment. Topics covered include the technology used in distance education, online and library research skills and online communications skills, as well as the time management and organization skills necessary to succeed when learning online.

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Last Updated: 3/14/18