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Did you know?

  1. The Foreign Language Department offers nine languages.
  2. Students can major in five of the nine foreign languages.
  3. There are foreign language courses offered in a traditional setting, as well as through videoconferencing and online.
  4. The department sponsors two short-term in-house summer study abroad programs, one in Italy and one in Mexico. Plans are underway for the programs to be offered in the summer of 2014.
  5. The department offers study abroad programs for a semester or summer in 31 different countries through the College Consortium for International Studies.
  6. The department partners with the CCRI Nursing Department to offer a Health Care Interpreter Certificate program.
  7. The department sponsors foreign language clubs that promote the language and culture through field trips, dinners, community outreach and donations to important causes. This fall, the Italian and French/German clubs sponsored a “Cultural Excursion to New York City,” giving students the opportunity to attend the opera, explore the MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Statue of Liberty or explore the city on their own. The French/German clubs sponsored an in-house toy giveaway and the Hasbro Children's Hospital Hope Project.
  8. The Norma Garnett FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools) Project will be unveiled in the Library in Spring 2014.
  9. The department began the Liberal Arts Dialogue Group, whose goals are to increase students’ awareness and interest in the liberal arts/humanities and help to make CCRI “the place to study liberal arts.”

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Human Services

human servicesHuman Services Activities Students enrolled in Professor Courtney Read’s Field Placement and Experience I, II and III course were invited to the newly constructed Quest Montessori School. The educational program, which serves children from toddlers through eighth grade, is located in Narragansett and features a state-of-the-art learning space, library, community areas and, of course. the quintessential components of a Montessori environment that make the philosophy unique. [Read more Human Services]

Early childhood education and training program

CCRI’s Early Childhood Education grant-funded training program began in 2003 as a 24- month program. Funding was made and remains possible through grant funding from the Rhode Island Department of Human Services. [Read more Early Childhood Education]

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