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Community College of Rhode Island

Professor Emeritus - 2008

Dr. Jagdish Bhatt - Physics

Dr. Jagdish Bhatt was a faculty member at CCRI for 33 years. He introduced Oceanography to CCRI students and cooperated with URI in this field. Prior to 1994, he published an Oceanography Textbook and in 2002, a Lab & Field Studies Workbook. He received an award for Teaching Excellence from CCRI's Student Honor Society.

Professor of Geology and Oceanography
B.Sc. University of Baroda
M.S. University of Wisconsin
Ph.D. University of Wales (U.K.)
Post-Doctoral Studies, Stanford University, California

Dr. John Fallon - Psychology

Dr. John Fallon came to CCRI in 1965 (then RIJC) and retired in 1989. He is remembered as being very active in many phases of the development of the college in addition to his teaching duties. He was best known as a lawyer on the campus. He was an advocate for justice for both students and faculty.

Professor of Psychology
B.A. College of Psychology
J.D. University of Michigan
Ed.M. Boston University 

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Professor Ralph Scorpio - Social Sciences

Professor Ralph Scorpio was well liked as a teacher and colleague. He was chairman of the Department of Social Sciences. He made many contributions in his department for many years. He developed an impressive curriculum for the study of the Vietnam War, its historical and sociological implications. He travelled to Vietnam several times to obtain first-hand information from the Vietnamese people.

Professor, Chairperson, Social Sciences Department
A.B. Providence College
M.A.T. Rhode Island College
M.A. Providence College
Ed.D. Boston University

Dr. Eleanor Vanable - Dental Health

Dr. Eleanor Vanable was founder of three important technical programs, namely: Dental Hygiene, Dental Health and Dental Assisting. This required many extra hours of preparation, obtaining equipment and working with off-campus dental facilities to properly prepare these students for their careers.

Professor of Dental Hygiene
B.S. M.A. University of Rhode Island
Ed.D. Clark University

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Professor Charles Wilkes - Mathematics

Professor Charles Wilkes has made exceptional contributions to CCRI for 40 years. He is best known for his work as Assistant Basketball Coach, especially for his dedication to student/athletes. He guided them through their academic requirements in cooperation with their professors. As a mathematics professor, he always went above and beyond the requirements. His cheerfulness was contagious.

Professor of Mathematics
B.Ed. M.A.T. Rhode Island College

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